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The Autobiography of Angel Ariel

By Claire Candy Hough


#1 Amazon International Bestseller

 Sequel to ONE TRUE HOME

Readers first met Angel Ariel in Claire Candy Hough's previous work, a #1 Amazon International Bestseller, One True Home: Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, and followed her remarkable journey through earthly incarnations as she fulfilled her spiritual quest. In this Amazon bestseller, Angel Ariel and Candy (the author) cross paths and become one.

Will Angel Ariel succeed at her most challenging mission ever--reuniting Candy with her beloved twin-flame?

Candy felt as if her life was spiraling out of control. Her marriage to a cold, controlling attorney ended in divorce. A new relationship started out promising, but crashed into a nightmare of deceit. Her health and finances in ruins, this desperate woman wished only for death. Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, everything changed. Candy’s entire existence was amazingly and irrevocable transformed. What happened?

We’re all aware of rare and remarkable individuals whose lives change overnight. The terminally ill person who is suddenly cured. The addict who abruptly quits self-harming. The miser turned philanthropist. Have you ever wondered what causes such a dramatic turnaround? I Am Angelic Walk-In explores this tantalizing question and provides thought-provoking answers, a glimpse into the eternal and the divine.

Those who’ve read One True Home, will delight in this book’s continuation of spiritual insights and earthly adventures. Those new to the storyline will enjoy the fascinating characters and intriguing concepts as the series comes to a breathtaking conclusion.  

A book to be treasured and savored, I Am an Angelic Walk-In will open your eyes and hug your heart.


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Amazon Reviews 

5 Stars - Amazon Customer – September 20, 2017

“When I began reading this book so much resonated with me, I began to feel very sad, missing my true home so very much. I kept reading through my tears and slowly felt lifted up and felt my resilience kicking back in, feeling my purpose and realizing that I DO want to complete my contract the best that I can. I feel renewed and I followed your example, Claire, of writing my own letter to God, reading it daily, it helped me become clearer about what to focus on so that I may be of service to others. I had never heard of walk-ins, this has been a true education for me. I feel I have yet another perspective on my own soul, spirit and purpose. This book I feel is invaluable to all seekers. Thank you for this important work, beautiful.”

5 Stars - Sue Broome – October 18, 2017

“Loved this Book! It is a must read!: Thank you Candy, for this wonderful book. It is so interesting to me, the times in our lives we look at as so very difficult, are the times that our soul, our angels, are really wanting us to take notice, for they are there, walking with us every step of the way.

I have not had a difficult life as Claire Candy did and reading your book helped me understand a bit more into her life and those who may be similar, as to what they are feeling.

I am so very happy you shared your stories (I know more are to come - yeah!!) to help others understand and levels not always easy to see or understand.

It also says to me - we never know what others are going through, no matter the face they put out to the public, so treat them with love, always.

Thank you, Candy.  Sue Broome”

5 Stars – Lightfairy – April 20, 2017

“Wonderfully touching story: Claire Candy Hough is a brilliant writer. I already “devoured" her first novel “One True Home“ and the same goes with “I am an Angelic Walk-In“. Claire Candy so beautifully describes the journey of Claire, from her early upbringing to her adulthood and marriage, and continuously offers us insights of what goes on behind the veil. She shows us that our souls really have choices at any given moment of time and it is up to us how to choose. Even in the moment when we are in the deepest despair, there is still an angel on our side (in Claire’s case Angel Ariel) wanting for us to be OK. Claire’s story also illustrates how often we do become disconnected from this guidance that is there for us, at any given moment, and in such results in us feeling alone. It is a story of courage, asking us to start living our lives from a place of self-love and worthiness.

I am Angelic Walk-In is the first book I have come across that describes in such loving detail what a walk-in is and what happens “behind the scenes“ when one soul leaves the body and another soul walks in.

What a great read! I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to feel more empowered and learn more about the loving presence of the angels.”

5 Stars - Dr. Danielle Delaney – July 30, 2017

“Delightful and enlightening: Claire Candy Hough has written other excellent books yet this is the one that speaks to me the most. What a beautiful and talented writer she is...her profound experience and interpretation and communication of this experience can benefit anyone in all circumstances. This book teaches how every action, meeting, encounter comes with a consequence and how everything is connected. Claire herself and her divine walk here with Angel Ariel is just a touching and fascinating event to witness. The spirituality and guidance contained within the pages of "I Am An Angelic Walk-In" will help so many! "Walk in" to reading it with an open Soul, Heart, and Mind, and you will find yourself transfixed by the exceptional journey of this remarkable healer. I highly recommend reading this book on your path to enlightenment. It is a true pleasure and education, and the characters will stay with you long after you turn the final page.”

5 Starts – JBKing – August 30, 2017

“Self Love is the Key: In preparation of interviewing Claire Candy Hough on our B-NOW radio show, I read I AM AN ANGELIC WALK-IN, after reading ONE TRUE HOME. The compelling and nakedly honest narrative, in which Claire Candy incarnated for the first time - seemingly getting all she asked for in parents, brothers and wealthy surroundings. Oh.. but be careful of which you ask, as there was a missing element. That was Self Love. With her innate self awareness and self love tamped down at every turn, Claire Candy systematically handed over her personal will. Over and over. Rich, distant and cruel husband. Faithless relationships. Emotional abuse. She experienced two NDEs (near death experiences) as a child and was overjoyed to return, briefly, to the heavenly realms, only to be gently encouraged to return to her planned life. Things went from bad to worse, and her soul begged God to let her out of her life contract. I will not tell you more. If you want to deeply experience this amazing transformation... buy this book."

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Claire Candy Hough is a #1 Amazon international bestselling author, host of Angel Healing House Radio/TV, a Reiki master and teacher, and an inspirational speaker. Claire Candy helps others connect to their Divine eternal natures. Following her angelic walk-in experience in January 2003, she established her business, Angel Healing House.

After establishing a spiritual community of light from 2003-2007 on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland, Australia, she and her twin-flame husband, Pete, followed the voice of the Divine and moved to the United States in 2008. Living in Santa Barbara, California, from 2008- 2010, Claire Candy held presentations, workshops and seminars, and continued her healing work. She moved to the Los Angeles area in 2010. Enthusiastic, passionate and joyful, Claire Candy helps people live authentic lives while manifesting their dreams.

Claire Candy’s published works include: Angels of Faith, a channeled children’s book based on her two near-death experiences; One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, a true account of her five most important past-lives lessons and what she learned in the afterlife between those lives; and, I Am an Angelic Walk-In:The Autobiography of Angel Ariel, which is the author's autobiographical journey and the sequel to One True Home.  

Founded in 2012, Claire Candy’s weekly international Angel Healing House radio program is broadcast in over 120 countries. Her program is available on Facebook Live TV and on Transformation Talk Radio.

Claire Candy is a featured healing practitioner in the television documentary series about the new generation of indigo, crystal and rainbow children, The Children of the Rainbow, (www.imdb.com/title/tt3010282/).



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The Autobiography of Angel Ariel

By Claire Candy Hough

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Available on Amazon.ca & Amazon.com

Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Thank you for ordering I'm An Angelic Walk-In. After reading it, Claire Candy would be grateful if you wrote a review on Amazon.