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Joy Ross, the creator of Writing with JOY Training and Publishing, is on a mission to revolutionize how authors are trained, compensated and promoted. 

Traditional publishing houses take a lion's share of revenue generated from books sales and pay authors a 10% royalty. 

Hybrid publishing houses charge a small fortune to format the interior, design the cover, and upload a book to Amazon and other online bookstores. Some companies take a percentage of self-published authors' royalties for the privilege of showcasing their books in the company's online bookstore--a bookstore most readers don't know exists.  

Whether published through a traditional or hybrid publishing house, unless established and well-known, authors are responsible for promoting their own books, including promotional costs. 

Like most authors, until Joy became an EMPOWERED AUTHOR, she was a sitting duck. Easy prey for those willing to exploit her publishing ignorance and excitement about her latest book. 

Thrilled when she learned how to format the interior of a book in Microsoft Word and design the cover in PowerPoint, Joy decided to teach other authors how to self-publish their digital and printed books using these two software programs that most will already own.  

The EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course is brimming with publishing know-how, including where to obtain bar codes and ISBNs for free, and how to convert your manuscript document into an ePub file for free. To ensure you know where to get the best deals, Joy shares her experience with print-on-demand companies and online bookstores. You'll also learn what to include in the first few pages to entice readers to buy your book, and other marketing tips.  

Watch the three videos below, then register for a 50% discount code. If you'd like to be part of the revolution to change how authors are trained, promoted and compensated, become an Independent EMPOWERED AUTHOR Affiliate. As an independent affiliate, you can help make a positive and profitable difference for authors everywhere. 

If you have questions, contact the Writing with JOY team:

info@writingwithjoy.ca  |  250.634.0050

(Victoria, British Columbia)



Don't Be Anyone's Sitting Duck!


Be Part of the Revolution to Change How Authors are Trained, Promoted & Compensated.  


Watch how easy it is to format the interior of your book in Microsoft Word "View Side by Side." 



The EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course is new. We realize that you might not have been referred by an Independent EMPOWERED AUTHOR Affiliate. You can still enjoy a 50% discount. Click the link below to go to the Writing with JOY Training & Publishing website and register for your code.