EARTH ANGELS - #1 (E-Book) Available Fall 2017




The 13 Journeys of Triumph (per book) in EARTH ANGELS Series are authentic accounts of how each author overcame a disappointment, loss, addiction, misstep, or hardship… and went on to thrive. By reading the transformational experiences and accompanying insights, you’ll gain Wisdom with Wings.

Upbeat, inspiring and transformational, the EARTH ANGELS Series is perfect for gifting to friends. Reading the true stories will provide you with a myriad of ideas and insights for yourself, and equip you with experiential knowledge when offering caring counsel to others.



Authors & Journeys of Triumph


Arnold Vingsnes – IDEALS TO INSIGHTS

Looking back, Arnold Vingsnes wondered how his future might have unfolded had the school curriculum of yesteryear included entrepreneurialism. Innately solution-oriented, life’s shine still bright, encouraged and freed to imagine working for himself, he might have solved at least one injustice. For certain, he would have graduated. Instead, he fell into the wrong crowd. It wasn’t a direct path to near self-destruction. As the school doors shut behind him, the sea beckoned. 


Aerielle Buchholz – AN UNEXPECTED LIFE

Few people pass through the places Aerielle Buchholz has been and come out the other side with enough of themselves left to carry on. Many reach a point in addiction where they are committing slow-motion suicide, killing themselves by inches because they feel beyond hope. Aerielle was there, looking into hollow eyes and fading faces, some of them reflected in the mirror. 


Dwayne Fahlman – BAR CODE: The Right Side of the Bars

Every societal group has a code of conduct. When these codes are broken, repercussions are imminent. During his twenty-seven years as a corrections officer, Dwayne Fahlman learned that the bad guys are not always on the right side of the bars. 


Gerry Beazely – COMING OF AGE

As Gerry Beazely drove back to the hospital, he realized that his spiritual path had been righted. He was never intended to be boxed into the narrow confines of organized religion. He was meant to experience spirituality, much like his Grandma Helen described when she talked about First Nations’ practices and beliefs. At sixty-three years of age, he was finally coming of age. 



Gwendolyn Wiberg was walking, illegally, on the Giza Plateau at three a.m. The magic and the mystery had stimulated her five senses... make that six senses, for though Gwendolyn was completely exhausted and incapable of drawing a rational conclusion, a sense of unease filled the pit of her stomach. Was what she was about to do the culmination of a dream come true? Or a dumb mistake that would lead to her rotting in an Egyptian jail?  


Irene Armstrong – ONE, TWO, THREE … WHERE WAS ME?

Following her dad’s funeral, Irene Armstrong moved into her new townhouse. A few days later on New Year’s Eve, she lit a fire, opened a bottle of wine, and took stock of my life. For years, she had done her best to make her father proud, including becoming an accountant because he had suggested it was a perfect career. Fearing he’d never approve of her mate choice, she’d never married. Sad and alone, in the equation of variables that made up her life, she wondered, “One, two, three… where was me?” 



Even with support, Joseph Aquilino’s life was a painful and often discouraging uphill-downhill battle. With every new specialist who actually “got him” and what he daily endured, he felt more hopeful. One day, somehow, someway, he’d find a way to either live life fully despite his pain, or science would find a miracle cure. Never, never would he give up. Life was precious, and he wanted his back.


Josephine Lavallee – BEYOND REASON: Re-Living a Nun’s Life

As she recalled the brilliant parrots shimmering in the sun, Josephine Lavallee realized that she’d carried a long-ago lesson into her current lifetime. During the Hawaiian retreat, she’d sensed that if she spoke up and told the truth about the incident she’d witnessed, similar to her past-life experience at the French monastery during the era of Louis XIV, she’d be deemed guilty by association and banished.



As planned, Margit Cleven married, moved into a nice house in the suburbs, and had children. Margit thoroughly enjoyed her son and daughter. Mimicking her mom’s ways, she cared for and protected her children like a loving mother grizzly bear. However, it didn’t take long to realize that her utopian life wasn’t as she had pictured it would be.


Maria Manna – BELLA FIGURA

In Maria Manna’s family, it was always about bella figura, which loosely translates into English as beautiful impression. From a young age, instilled in Maria by her parents, she realized it was important that people believed that she and her family were doing well, especially financially. Above all else, she was never to let anyone glimpse her family’s or her own struggles and hardships—never.



With both of Marla Lackey’s parents undergoing chemo treatments, her mom’s lifelong teachings about faith and gratitude became paramount. Throughout her childhood and teen years, Marla had half-listened to her mother’s wisdoms that included practicing proper manners, staying strong in your beliefs, and being grateful for life’s gifts—big and small. It was now up to Marla to remind her mom of her heartfelt lessons.



The need to be perfect in the eyes of others extended to Oceanna Rivers’ workplace, family relationships, and even to complete strangers. It wasn’t that the real Oceanna didn’t want to stand up. She did. But her need for approval and to appear perfect kept her locked inside a false-self.



It was on one of her frequent business trips that Roswyn Nelson’s third vision crisis occurred. While making a left turn off the highway into Red Deer, Alberta, suddenly Roswyn couldn’t see! Blinking, she tried to clear the reflection of the traffic lights that magnified, distorted and shimmered as vehicles buzzed around her. Once again, angel eyes kept her safe.