CHEMOSABE & TAUNTO by STEPHEN L. GARRETT - Available Spring 2019


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Riding Sidesaddle With Cancer


By Stephen Lloyd Garrett

When Stephen Garrett was young, The Lone Ranger was a popular television show and comic book series about a masked Texas ranger and his Native American friend, Tonto. The two men fought outlaws in the American Old West. Tonto affectionately referred to the Texas Ranger as Kemosabe, meaning “trusted scout” or “faithful friend.”

When Stephen’s brother, Peter, was battling cancer, it felt like the two men, their family and the medical profession were fighting a masked and taunting outlaw; hence, the title of Stephen’s upcoming book—Chemosabe and Taunto.

The book is a 360-degree perspective on Peter’s and his family’s walk with cancer. Written in a down-to-life, human, and slightly irreverent way, Stephen shares the unseen side of the culturally accepted “good fight” against cancer, and the challenges faced by the dying person and their loved ones. The book includes writings by: Peter’s loving wife, April; the brothers’ mother, Marge; and nurses who cared for Peter.


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About Stephen Lloyd Garrett

Stephen Garrett is committed to changing the way most North Americans approach dying and death. To achieve his heart-centered mission, Stephen works with individuals, families, medical professional organizations, and communities in creating a different relationship with death—one based on acceptance, openness, and inspiration… as opposed to fear and denial.

Steven Garrett’s extensive career includes times as: an investment banker, a social worker, an executive director for non-profit organizations, a workshop facilitator, and personal transformation coach.

In 2010, while on vacation in Bali, Stephen witnessed the cremation of a member of the country’s royal family. It was joyful, celebratory and public—a far cry from the solitude of the crematorium where Stephen once worked, and the somberness of the hospices where he has volunteered and served as a coordinator. Inspired, Steven decided to help others gain the financial, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual skills needed to deal with dying, death and grief in a prepared and positive way. 



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Stephen lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada