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About Tarrah Anders

Tarrah Anders is a contemporary romancer who is all about the feels with twists of sexy mixed in between. Her plots and characters are down-to-earth, realistic and intriguing. Most of her books are written from both the hero's and heroine's points of view. Thematically, her novels are friends to lovers, random hook-ups, and office romances...mixed with a whole lot of fun in the middle.

Writing since before she can remember, Tarrah didn't seriously consider becoming an author until she read a poorly written book and thought: "I could do better than that!" She kept that she was a published author from her husband for nearly two years, and didn't confess her secret until royalties were large enough to impact the couple's income tax. He now lovingly helps her with "research" and uses his amazing Photoshop skills to design her book covers. 

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Tarrah and her family live in beautiful San Diego, California, where she works as a social worker helping the homeless.  She is a hardcore San Francisco Giants fan, loves cupcakes, and is fascinated by zombies.  

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FROZEN OVER (Book 1 in the Series)

TYSON MADDOX is confident and a playboy. He is also the CEO of Mad Designs, a company which he was born into, a revived fashion company in the city. With the upcoming launch of their summer campaign, Tyson takes notice of one of the models employed by his company. When circumstances arise to provide the perfect opportunity, he makes his move. With her, he is the open, caring and attentive one woman man. However, when he learns about a side job which she has, all is lost. If Tyson doesn’t get his way, then they’re done. Too bad, he’s miserable without her. 

ALLISON STAFFORD was hired to become the face of Mad Designs for the new summer line. She’s beautiful and not afraid to eat doughnuts in public. When she catches the eye of the CEO, she doesn’t know how to interpret his affections. When they become an official item and Hell has Frozen Over, but it’s over before they know it, before the ice is fully thawed. 

ALLISON & TYSON deal with their issues until his past catches up with them and tries to pull them apart. Will they get the chance that they both need or will they be torn apart?


Reader Reviews (More reviews on Amazon)

5 STARS - April 15, 2018

Carly Davis: Loved this!

"This was the first book I've read from this author and I am hooked. Loved the chemistry between both characters. I'll definitely be reading more books from her."

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FROZE (Book 2 in the Series)

HER: I work for the #1 fashion company, Mad Designs, I'm the personal assistant to the CEO, who also happens to be my best friend. Little does my boss know that I am completely and irrevocably in love or lust, or whatever with HIS brother.

Jacob Maddox is hot, and not just hot but mouth-watering sexy, he is melt your panties, fan yourself like a girl with a crush, holy shit he is looking at me kind of hot!

We had an amazing drunken night together and then he acted as if the night never happened. Admittedly, I did too, except now I knew what it was like to have him naked on top of me, talking dirty in my ear and f__king me ten ways to Friday. 

So I may or may not have talked a friend of mine to pretend to be my boyfriend. And I may or may not have pretended that the night we shared was long forgotten just as he has. Actually, I’m lying, as he is all that I think about no matter how hard I try not to. 

Was I being catty and sneaky, you can say that. But I've learned that you got to go after what you want, and I want Jacob Maddox like I want to breathe air.

But of course, I found out that he comes with complications.

HIM: I am one part of Mad Designs and I’ve got it bad for my brothers best friend. We hooked up several months ago and I’ve tried to push back the feelings that I had for Beth, knowing that I wasn’t the type of guy she needed. My past isn’t pretty, and she knows that. But then she starts dating some jerk and I couldn’t have that.

She thinks that she knows me, from what she has seen, but now it’s time for her to get to know the real me.

But then all sh*t hits the fan and I’m afraid I’m going to lose her after I’ve finally got her.


Reader Reviews (More reviews on Amazon)

5 STARS - September 1, 2017

Laura Furuta: It has an amazing storyline and characters.

"The story FROZE (The Melted Series Book 2) by Tarrah Anders is a new adult/romance book. This is a story that hooked me in from the very beginning and I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the last page. It has an amazing storyline and characters. It is told from the POV of both Beth and Jacob. I loved reading how both of them felt about themselves and each other. Jacob has a fear of commitment. Beth believes that she knows the real Jacob, however, comes to find out there are things that she is mistaken about. A situation arises that if allowed could cause a rift to form between them. What does the future hold for Beth and Jacob? Will they be able to hold on to each other and find their happy ending? This story also has some amazing secondary characters that if you have read the first book, you will remember. There are two in particular that are close to Jacob and Beth and I loved that they crossed over into this book. Series with crossover characters are a favorite of mine as it is like catching up with old friends. If you haven’t read the first book I would suggest picking that one up as well as it is just as amazing as this one. I am wishing and hoping for a third book in the series. I highly recommend this book and series to anyone who loves romance stories. This couple's relationship is red hot and the romance scenes are steamy. For that reason, I would say that this book is for those 18 years of age or older."

5 STARS - September 1, 2017

Rosemarylove17: ... in Frozen Over I knew I would fall in love with Jacob Maddox.

"From when I first read him in Frozen Over I knew I would fall in love with Jacob Maddox. He is everything you could want in a man; sexy, strong, protective and hard working. He would do anything for the people he loves, he is absolutely perfect to me. He thinks everything is fine, until Beth Matthews turns his whole world around. Beth is sweet, driven and devoted, I love her! She has had a crush on him so long, never thinking it could come true, but you can't always resist really great sexual chemistry. I love reading the chemistry they have for each other, it's amazing to read so much love. Jacob is one of my favorite book boyfriends I can never forget!! I love the writing style this author has and can't wait to read what's next!."

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FREEZING (Book 3 in the Series)

Can a person change? Can a man overcome his past mistakes and move forward? Can a man take a completely new direction in his life and find the best path?

Read Freezing, the final book in The Melted Series and find out..."

Keeping someone’s secret tore my life apart. I’ve paid retribution and now I’ve got to get my life back in order. I’ve made enough mistakes and now I need to spill my secrets to make those I’ve wronged and have them understand why I did what I did. 

Upon my release from prison, I made a set of goals—none of them included a raven-haired beauty who spoke her mind. I didn’t intend to have someone in my life romantically, but fate brought us together and I couldn’t ignore the attraction any longer. 

What I didn’t know was that she would teach me that one of my goals could have a different meaning. Now, my life is opposite of how it used to be; I’m no longer the man who gambles, drinks and sleeps around. 

With the strength of her by my side, I can do anything.


 Reader Reviews (More reviews on Amazon)

4.5 STARS - January 3, 2018

Rather Be Reading: Final book in the Melted Series is finally here!

"This is book 3 in the Melted Series about the Maddox Brothers, and we finally get Brad's story. While he screwed up in the previous books and hid the fact that he was actually their half-brother instead of the lie he's told of being their cousins. Now he's being released from prison early after being in jail for perjury. He has nothing and knows it's going to be hard starting over, but he has three goals in mind. One, get a job. Two, follow the law and make a life for himself. And three, family. He didn't think about another woman, or even getting involved with someone until he could meet his goals, but fate has other plans.

This was a sweet story, with a cute couple that really emphasized second chances. It was a perfect way to conclude the series!

5 STARS - January 3, 2018

Audrey Edits: 5 stars for Freezing and 5 stars for the Melted series as a whole!!!!

"I seriously loved this book! Actually had a day of relaxing and being super lazy and read this entire book in that one day! I didn't wanna put it down!
This is the 3rd and final book in the Melted series and it wrapped up the Maddox boys perfectly!! Freakin' love all 3 of them, but I have to admit, Brad stole my heart in this one!! The journey of where he came from, what he did, why he did it, and how he puts his life back together after prison is an amazing, emotionally filled journey for sure! He and Mika made a seriously hot but also really adorable couple! I also loved getting to see a little of the other Maddox men and their women again!! 5 stars for Freezing and 5 stars for the Melted series as a whole!!!"

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After reading one of the three books in the series, Tarrah would be grateful if you wrote a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.