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About Tarrah Anders

Tarrah Anders is a contemporary romancer who is all about the feels with twists of sexy mixed in between. Her plots and characters are down-to-earth, realistic and intriguing. Most of her books are written from both the hero's and heroine's points of view. Thematically, her novels are friends to lovers, random hook-ups, and office romances...mixed with a whole lot of fun in the middle.

Writing since before she can remember, Tarrah didn't seriously consider becoming an author until she read a poorly written book and thought: "I could do better than that!" She kept that she was a published author from her husband for nearly two years, and didn't confess her secret until royalties were large enough to impact the couple's income tax. He now lovingly helps her with "research" and uses his amazing Photoshop skills to design her book covers. 

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Tarrah and her family live in beautiful San Diego, California, where she works as a social worker helping the homeless.  She is a hardcore San Francisco Giants fan, loves cupcakes, and is fascinated by zombies.  

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Benjamin Adams

He's an @$$! 

But why? 

People have said that once upon a time he was charming and one of the friendliest men around.

After a series of events, he became the owner of his father's company and was no longer the nice young man that he used to be. 

He was a beast! 

Then she comes along and thaws him from his iciness. She breathes new life into him, but revenge has its way of wanting to destroy him again.


Reader Reviews

"As I have come to expect, Tarrah Anders is brilliant at packing a serious punch in a short amount of pages. Somehow she is able to fill her short stories to the brim with full characters, real emotions and some seriously steamy scenes. The Brute is no different. From the first page, I was in love with Benjamin, his type of bruteness is just enough to be appealing in a character because you can tell his additive towards life, how jaded he is, comes from something deep from his past. He isn't a jerk to everyone around him because he is spoiled and entitled to because he believes he is better than everyone else. He is this way because of past trauma, but you'll have to read it to find out what that is ;) Now Isabella, Bella is wonderful. I love the way she stands up to him without coming off as an over the top businesswoman, there is no harshness to her. Her softness without being flimsy is what makes her such a fun characters. While others saw the brute, she saw a man misunderstood and was rewarded with the man he was hiding behind all of that past pain. Overall, The Brute was really fun to read. Light of angst but heavy on sexual tension and chemistry. If you have enjoyed past works by this author I think you will also enjoy this one, and if you are new to her this would be a fun place to start!" --Mackenzie Bartelbort

"The Brute by Tarrah Anders was another addicting read. If you re looking for a fast-paced sexy office romance where the Beauty tames the Beast with a little revenge twisted in; this book will have you up-all-night! Ben is the CEO of Adams Enterprises who will fire someone for just looking at him the wrong way. Ben needs a new assistant because they keep quitting on him (I wonder why). In walks Bella a small-town farmer s daughter, but she can hold her own when it comes to Ben and she has him figured out. At Bella s three month evaluation besides telling Bella how good she is at her job, Ben ask Bella to be his date to a Gala. This is just the beginning of their office romance... Like I have said before about Tarrah s books, she knows how to write some hot steamy scenes that will leave you needing a cold shower afterward. You will fall hard and fast in love with Ben and Bella; they are just so cute together and balance one another perfectly." --Jes Bruno

The Brute is a stand-alone novel by Tarrah Anders. This is my fifth novel by this author. Benjamin Adams is the CEO of his company and doesn't care who is next assistant is. After going through five within just a few months period, he"s sure she isn't going to make it very long. But when he is introduced to her, he hides his attraction with annoyance. I catch a glance at the heavenly sight of her. Rather than allow the strange, ancient feelings simmering in my body to be reflected in my countenance, I feign annoyance. Isabella is a great female lead. She doesn't let Ben walk over her and she stands up for herself. I love anything this author writes and when I saw she had a new book I just had to get it. This a quick read with great characters who had all the charts chemistry. I hope there is another book soon. Maybe a sequel. --Moriah Venable

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Formats: Paperback | Kindle


After reading this contemporary romance novel, Tarrah would be grateful if you wrote a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.