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About Tarrah Anders

Tarrah Anders is a contemporary romancer who is all about the feels with twists of sexy mixed in between. Her plots and characters are down-to-earth, realistic and intriguing. Most of her books are written from both the hero's and heroine's points of view. Thematically, her novels are friends to lovers, random hook-ups, and office romances...mixed with a whole lot of fun in the middle.

Writing since before she can remember, Tarrah didn't seriously consider becoming an author until she read a poorly written book and thought: "I could do better than that!" She kept that she was a published author from her husband for nearly two years, and didn't confess her secret until royalties were large enough to impact the couple's income tax. He now lovingly helps her with "research" and uses his amazing Photoshop skills to design her book covers. 

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Tarrah and her family live in beautiful San Diego, California, where she works as a social worker helping the homeless.  She is a hardcore San Francisco Giants fan, loves cupcakes, and is fascinated by zombies.  

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Small towns are perfect for summer vacations and summer flings.

The night before tourist season hits their sleepy little town, Emma had an impromptu drunken romp with a guy from a party… only to run into him just a few days later.

After her last major heartbreak, Emma swore off dating any of the out of towners. She had never questioned that decision… until Royce arrived in town. At first, she thought he was just like any other tourist during the season, here today, gone tomorrow. 

However, when proved to her that he was putting down roots, that all changed.
Emma can only trust what she knows. Tourists always leave and relationships began with them always have an expiration date. 

She has to protect her heart, even if she knows that if he goes, he will be taking it with him. 

Only, Royce insists that he is in it for the long haul wants to build his life with her and in Sweeny. He starts giving her a note per date spelling out a single message— one painstaking word at a time. When all of a sudden the past comes barreling into Sweeny and starts to torment both Emma and Royce.


Reader Reviews


5 Stars - October 2, 2018

NobleHousehold: Wanting summer back.

"I know lots of people are ready for fall. For cooler weather and warmer clothes, but Tarrah Anders has me wishing it was the beginning of summer again! With this steamy romance about fun to be had during the summer months, Ms. Anders kept me sweating and reading until the very end!

Emma lives in s small coastal town that’s overrun with tourist every summer. As the co-owner of a business she loves the influx of people but she’s been burned in the romance department by the temporary residents and vows not to let it happen again. That is until Royce shows up in her life.

Royce is ready to settle down. He thinks he’s finally found the place to call home and has found the perfect woman to do it with. Too bad that Emma doesn’t want anything to do with him. She’s positive he’s just in it for some summer fun. Can Royce convince her that he’s in it for more than a summer fling?

You can’t go wrong with this read. Tarrah Anders is able to pull you in from the beginning with this book and won’t let you go until the last page. This was a cute and totally loveable story with not only great characters but with fabulous secondary characters that capture your heart and interest as well. I was disappointed when the story came to an end but ecstatic that I am able to add yet another writer to my favorites list! This is a book you definitely want to pick up and read!"

5 Stars - September 15, 2018

Laura Furuta: Amazing story.

"The story Summer Fling by Tarrah Anders is a new adult romance book. It is a story that I absolutely loved reading and couldn’t put down until I had finished the last page. It had me hooked from the very start. I loved reading about the characters of Emma and Royce.

Emma is beautiful, smart, independent, and co-owns her own business. The past has shown her that relationships between her and those there for the summer is not a good idea. When she meets Royce, she doesn’t immediately trust his proclamation that he is there to stay. Emma is a woman who guards her heart. While she is strongly attracted to him she can’t help but wonder if he will be gone after the summer?

Royce can’t stop thinking about Emma. He can’t stay away from her. He knows that he has to prove to her that he is not just here today gone tomorrow. Royce is starting to see his future. Will he be able to win over Emma’s heart? What will happen when both of their pasts show up? What does the future hold for both Emma and Royce? Will they find a happy ending together or will what they have turn out to be just another summer fling? Read this book to find out.

This is a beautiful story that I found has plenty of heartwarming scenes. I found myself caring about both Emma and Royce with each chapter that I read. It was wonderful reading about how they banter and flirt with each other. The passion and desire that they have for each other shows through. There are a few other characters that are introduced and I enjoyed reading just about all of them, the part that they play in the story and also their interactions with Emma and Royce.

This is an amazing book that I highly recommend reading. I can’t wait to read what the author writes next."

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Formats: Paperback | Kindle


After reading this contemporary romance novel, Tarrah would be grateful if you wrote a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.