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Being Heard Above the Noise

Public speaking is infinitely more than the courage to stand in front of a group and talk. For a presentation to be powerful and memorable, it must have the right amount of content, be organized in way that allows the speaker to present it without hesitation or fear, and be presented in a format that is easy to follow and comprehend. To be well-received, a presentation must be delivered with potency, warmth and charisma, and spoken in the language of the audience.

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Robert Moment said, “Public speaking skills are an essential key to achieving career advancement and success.” 

Forbes said, “Great speakers are not born. They are trained.” 

Rosemarie Barnes says, “All speaking in public is Public Speaking.  If you say one word, make no mistake—you are giving a presentation." 


Time & Content

Time is not a speaker's friend. With the intent of providing great value, some public speakers make a huge mistake—they include too much information for the amount of time allotted for their presentation. The potential results: an overwhelmed audience, an unfinished presentation, extended time on stage. Going overtime is disrespectful to your audience and fellow-presenters.

How well is your presentation organized?

If a speaker feels the need to rely on notes, cue cards, or even worse, slides, to stay on track, the problem is not one of memorythe problem is organization.

Excellent speakers use systems and strategies, making their presentation easy for them to remember and impossible for their audiences to forget. Professional organization ensures a speaker builds anticipation, creates excitement, and fosters meaningful engagement. 

Performance & Stagecraft

Though most are not trained actors, excellent speakers know their way around a stagetheir performance space. Knowledge of stagecraft is as vital as is one's message.

What are the best ways to enter and exit? Which part of the space is the strongest? The weakest? How can a speaker use stagecraft know-how to assist the audience in understanding the message? 

To move or not to move?

That is the question.

Most often the sole performer, a speaker must command the entire stage space through movement. Too little movement can make an audience drowsy and cause people to disengage. Too much movement can be overwhelming and make an audience seasick. Moving to the far side of a stage, alienates the other side.  

Excellent speakers strategize their movement to include their entire audience and encourage maximum engagement.  

Body Language

When a speaker feels nervous, anxious or unsure, it is often reflected in his/her body language. Ditto for when a speaker is overly excited about a presentation. No matter how wonderful the content of a presentation, when people detect a conflict between the verbal and physical messages, they always, always, believe the physical over the verbal.

If you want your audience to like you, understand you, and trust you, (and that is the point, isn’t it?) your verbal and physical messages must be unified. From the tilt of your head to eye contact and the direction of your toes, be sure the story being told is the one you intend.

Vocal Control

Excellent speakers are masterful voice controllers. Through pitch, cadence and volume, they vary their linguistic choices. Breathing plays a vital role in vocal control, especially when a speaker is nervous. Mastering the techniques of voice control diminishes fear and adds professional polish to your well-organized, memorable and brilliant presentation.   

Amazon Reviews 

5 Stars - Brenda Bonde - April 25, 2017

"Required reading for public speaking. I liked the basic straight forward style explanations and examples Rosemarie gives us. I will definitely use the skills I have learned in my business presentations."

5 Stars - Amazon Customer - November 6, 2016

The topics include avoiding pitfalls and building your skills to become a good speaker and more on your way from good to ... . Rosemarie covers a surprisingly wide range of public and presentation speaking aspects, supported with well placed quotes and examples. The topics include avoiding pitfalls and building your skills to become a good speaker and more on your way from good to great. I found it an easy pleasant read, with the stories, examples and history snippets making it informative and light-hearted, yet filled with sufficient details and suggestions compelling me not to put it down until I reached the end and looking forward to putting them to use. It is a small enough book to not be formidable, yet it covers the topics thoroughly. The skills presented could/should be used to enhance our daily communication skills dealing with family, friends, coworkers and business dealings. It could easily be considered an essential part of a communication curriculum." 

5 Stars - Amazon Customer - November 21, 2016

"How to speak to make others listen, the difference between hearing and listening defined: This book needs to be on the "Must Read" for every politician and teacher or for that matter anyone who has to present material to others verbally."



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Spark, Speak & Hear... Your Brilliance!

SPARK YOUR BRILLIANCE: In modern schools, reading, writing, and “rithmetic” have been replaced with relearn, refocus, and redirect.  In the professional world, Keynote Speakers are the teachers striving to spark the brilliance of the listening leaders and inspire them to confidence. Through her keynote addresses and seminars, Rosemarie inspires and directs leaders on the following topics. 

  • Confident Leadership in 21st Century Business: Bridging the Generation Gaps
  • Confident Reinvention: Navigating Disruption
  • Confident Communication: What’s in it for Them? 

SPEAK YOUR BRILLIANCE: In today's relentlessly competitive market, just being a highly capable speaker won't result in the six-figure income you deserve. From content to delivery, your presentation must Woo & Wow! your audience consciously and subconsciously, through:

  • Audience-Mesmerizing Content.
  • Masterful voice tone, inflection, and cadence.
  • Confident and Charismatic Verbal & Body Communication. 

HEAR YOUR BRILLIANCE: Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the industry. From multitasking book-lovers to those with long commutes, consumers want to hear your brilliance. A voice expert with years of stage and recording experience, Rosemarie Barnes will bring your words to life with perfect cadence, inflection, and tone.

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Being Heard Above the Noise

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