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 Bridging the Generation Gaps


What do you get when four very different generations work together under one corporate roof?

Potential Chaos!

What does it take to untangle the mess?

Modern Leadership

The ever-widening generation gaps in business is the result of global realignment of values. What precipitated these changing attitudes? More importantly, how can modern leaders provide environments that cater to the needs of all their people?  

Where once, security and seniority were the major motivators, today, job fulfilment is the prize. Where standard hours in standard work places were once desirable, now, many employees prefer to work from home at times that fit their internal clocks.

For better or for worse, the commonly accepted hierarchy of business organization is being questioned in favour of a more circular system of leadership. The pyramid of power is no longer palatable. Today's brilliant and technically savvy workforce is demanding that they be heard and their input valued.  

Each generation has unique limitations and undeniable brilliance. How can leaders excite and motivate each board member, employee, and stakeholder to create and share their own brand of brilliance for the betterment of themselves, the company, and the community? How can Modern Leaders encourage employee creativity and input, maximizing (not stifling) an invaluable asset.

CONFIDENT LEADERSHIP IN 21ST CENTURY BUSINESSBridging the Generation Gaps provides information, expresses opinions, and offers suggestions for rectifying the misunderstandings between the generations in today’s workforce. Once leaders understand the reasons for the differences, and how those reasons affect workplace expectations, they can begin to fulfil the needs of individuals so that desired outcomes may be reached more easily and expeditiously.  


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5 Stars - D November 24, 2017

Some people can write. They can communicate to you in ways that just make sense.

Ms. Barnes is like that. This book can help everyone who has diverse work forces with old and new.



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SPARK YOUR BRILLIANCE: In modern schools, reading, writing, and “rithmetic” have been replaced with relearn, refocus, and redirect.  In the professional world, Keynote Speakers are the teachers striving to spark the brilliance of the listening leaders and inspire them to confidence. Through her keynote addresses and seminars, Rosemarie inspires and directs leaders on the following topics. 

  • Confident Leadership in 21st Century Business: Bridging the Generation Gaps
  • Confident Reinvention: Navigating Disruption
  • Confident Communication: What’s in it for Them? 

SPEAK YOUR BRILLIANCE: In today's relentlessly competitive market, just being a highly capable speaker won't result in the six-figure income you deserve. From content to delivery, your presentation must Woo & Wow! your audience consciously and subconsciously, through:

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HEAR YOUR BRILLIANCE: Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the industry. From multitasking book-lovers to those with long commutes, consumers want to hear your brilliance. A voice expert with years of stage and recording experience, Rosemarie Barnes will bring your words to life with perfect cadence, inflection, and tone.

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 Bridging the Generation Gaps

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Thank you for ordering Confident Leadership. After reading it, Rosemarie would be grateful if you posted a review on Amazon.