ARNOLD VINGSNES - HEARTMIND WISDOM Collections #1, #2 & #3 and EARTH ANGELS Edition #1

Arnold Vingsnes lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Arnold has held prominent union and management positions. The scope of his career rare and extensive, he is a sought-after contract negotiator, speaker and teacher. Arnold has a daughter, step daughter and one grandchild. He is currently working on a series of short stories about his life and travels. 

HMW #1 - "Escape from the Green Room" - Midway in life, Arnold's world shipwrecked. Suddenly without work and seemingly unemployable, he moved into a windowless room on skid row in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Initially, he took comfort in blaming outward. It wasn't until he retook the helm of his destiny that Arnold was able to navigate his return to a purposeful life. 

HMW #2 - “The Freedom Voyage” - At the age of twenty-five, while working as a deckhand for a tugboat company, Arnold jumped at the opportunity for a paid gig delivering oil barges to Guatemala. Leaving port, he looked forward to a kaleidoscopic array of mystery, challenge and intrigue. After two months and thousands of miles at sea, he returned to Canada with a boatload of stories and lessons learned. 

HMW #3 - "To Canada, the Promised Land" - Arnold's recount of his family's move to British Columbia from a remote island in Norway is reminiscent of a Tom Sawyer adventure. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, his story reveals what it is to be a child living in a foreign land. 

Arnold is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via

      BILL STRENG - HMW #1

Bill Streng is a gentle, kind and spiritual man. His early years were speckled with misguided pursuits and the use of illicit drugs. His life totally transformed after a spiritual encounter-series with a beautiful angel, Jesus and then God. In his chapter “Eternally High” Bill shares his incredible journey to Heaven and back; and why, there forward, his life became a spiritual high.

Bill lives in Surrey, British Columbia. He is a semi-retired real estate agent. Most days he can be found at his computer researching the connection between divinity and science. He enjoys dancing, hiking and visiting with friends. Above all, he treasures his daughter, son and stepson.

Bill is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via


At age twenty-three, Brock Tully hit what he refers to as ‘Brock-bottom.’ In his mission to help himself and encourage others to be kind, he cycled ten thousand miles throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico—an enlightening, yet grueling feat, he has since repeated twice. His chapter, “Bouncing Back from Brock-Bottom,” is a heartfelt collection of his experiences, reflections and poetry.

Brock is the founder of the annual World Kindness Concert. ( He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with the love of his life, Wilma. His career includes time as a college football and basketball coach, a drug rehabilitation counselor, a recreation therapist, and as an inspirational speaker.

Brock is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via his website:


Though separated, Daisy Landrigan stayed by her husband Robbie’s side throughout his battle with colon cancer. Her chapter, “Till Death Do Us Part,” is a heartfelt glimpse into how she put aside all past hurts, and dedicated her life to ensuring their children had a treasure chest full of happy memories with their father.

Daisy lives in Delta, British Columbia with her two daughters. Now alone to “hang the moon in the sky to chase away the darkness,” she is continuing Robbie’s legacy by coaching their girls’ sports teams and by making sure her children feel loved and safe. Daisy enjoys dancing, cooking and traveling.

Daisy is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via

    E. PATRICIA CONNOR - HMW #1, #2 & #3

E. Patricia Connor is an ordained minister and a co-founder of Kindness is Key Training and the Heartmind Wisdom Collection. From the delight filled day when she taught the family maid to tell time by a clock, Patricia recognized her inner-calling to inspire, educate and empower others. In her chapter, “Heart Connections—A Matrix,” she shares her insights and the tools that helped free her from an extended period of dark depression. 

Patricia is happily married and lives in Delta, British Columbia. Her desire to propagate spiritual, as well as emotional and physical health for all, led her to become a practitioner of aromatherapy, herbology, Bach flower remedies, Reiki, and reconnective healing. She has worked as a Stop the Violence Counselor for Battered Women Support Services, was a Director of Development Resources for the Surrey Women’s Center, and was a director of Human Resources at Radarsat International Inc.

Patricia is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via

    ELIN NASH - HMW #1

When Elin Nash moved into an apartment with her ‘dream view,’ strange incidents started happening. Having recently lost her sister, Anita, at first, Elin wondered if the odd occurrences were simply a manifestation of her grief. They weren't. “Lessons from an Uninvited Houseguest” is a heartwarming account of how Elin transformed her fear of the unnerving ‘shenanigans’ into an exciting spiritual awakenings.

Elin has traveled and worked throughout Norway and Canada. She has fished in oceans and lakes at 40 degrees below, climbed mountains and landed jobs in places where she couldn't speak the language. She attributes her intuitive and empathetic nature to her practice of Transcendental Meditation. She lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia. She has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Elin is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via


Erika Taylor’s chapter, “From Neediness to Wholeness,” is a candid account of her need to be in a romantic relationship to view herself as being ‘whole.’ Metaphysical wisdom infused with love has served as the guiding principle in her awakening. It is her desire to encourage others to explore limiting patterns that cause suffering, and to empower people with tools of transformation.Erika has a Bachelor of Arts in the social sciences. She has worked as an ESL tutor, yoga instructor and a psychometrist in the field of neuropsychology. Always eager to learn and grow, she has five counseling
certificates from various organizations.

Erika lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dancing, singing and chanting are the activities that lift her into pure joy—a state of consciousness she
has been able to access more frequently as the wounds of her past have healed.

Erika is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via

    GEORGINA GRACE - HMW #1 & #2

As a child, “angry at being transported to the planet Zircon, and overwhelmed by the thousand-plus students in her new high school,” Georgina Grace’s “chatterbox self, coiled inward, clamped closed, and became mute.” It was the beginning of an ‘emptiness’ that haunted and hurt until she gradually unearthed the keys to her motto: ‘live…love…laugh. Her chapter “From Emptiness to Living, Loving and Laughing” is a humorous and delightful account of her journey.

Georgina is an ordained minister. She adores animals, helping others and being in community. When she discovered her cat was allergic to smoke, there was only one solution—toss the tar and nicotine sticks. Her quest inward and outward led her to become an intuitive counselor, inspirational speaker and author.

Georgina is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via


Born with Horner’s syndrome, J. Dennis Robert quickly learned that the keys to fitting in and making friends were ingenuity and fearlessness. Though admirable qualities, when younger, his ingenious and fearless endeavors often invited ‘trouble.’ Dennis's free-spirited nature led him into a lifelong love of entrepreneurial ventures, the first of which was shoveling snow off neighborhood driveways. His chapter, “Fearless, No Matter What!” is a delightful glimpse into his youthful shenanigans, including one that landed him front of a judge.

Dennis lives in Surrey, British Columbia. He enjoys organic gardening, creating and working with his hands. He doesn’t believe in giving up or shying away from any circumstance, predicament or challenge.

Dennis is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via



Jennifer Marie Luce lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a writer, a poet, an intuitive, an energy healer, and a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki Master. Jennifer's love of travel has taken her to seventeen countries and more than a hundred cities. 

HMW #3 - "A Journey Back to Me: The Road to Self-Love" -  Jennifer Marie spent years seeking the approval of others. A pleaser and achiever, she viewed herself as an ever-evolving work in progress. Learning to listen to the whispers of her heart—not the screams of her ego—transformed her health, relationships and career. It was a transformation spurred by an unusual course and an extraordinary mentor.

Jennifer Marie enjoys helping others identify their paths and turn their lives around. She is available to speak to audiences about a number of healing modalities and life challenges. For more information, visit her Facebook page and her blog

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Joseph Aquilino lives in Staten Island, New York. His passion is helping the millions of people living with chronic pain. He is a staunch advocate for those afflicted with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). 

HMW #3 - "No Pain, No Gain" - In 2008, Joseph suffered a double accident at work. His is a much-needed story about thriving in spite of chronic pain. Joseph is a living example of a person who has never given up on finding a treatment that works for him. He encourages people in his position to maintain a positive outlook. “With hope, comes action; with action comes hope”.

Gregarious and wise, in just four years, his popular Joey Giggles Blog Talk Radio show has amassed an audience of over 100,000 listeners. Tune into Joseph’s show at

Joseph can be contacted by e-mail at


Josephine Lavallee lives in Surrey, British Columbia. A teacher, an author, a mentor, a spiritual healer and an independent business owner, she feels most people are limited by their own beliefs. Her motto is: Where there is a will, there is a way.

HMW #2 - "I'm No Dummy"- Josephine learned the importance of creativity, perseverance and resilience at a young age. Josephine is dyslexic, but wasn't diagnosed until she left the traditional education system to be schooled at home. Her youth was wrought with challenges, ridicule and failures. Through incredible coping skills, determination and an unshakable belief in her abilities, she eventually proved that she's no dummy.

Josephine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Victoria and a Teaching Certificate from the University of British Columbia. She is an adventurous world traveler.

Josephine can be contacted by e-mail at 

    JOYCE M. ROSS - HMW #1, #2 & #3

Joyce M. Ross is a co-founder of Kindness is Key Training and the Heartmind Wisdom Collection. Her chapter, “Rainbows, Butterflies and Other Miracles,” is a lighthearted glimpse into the magic of family and spiritual connectedness. 

Joyce lives in Delta, British Columbia. For over seventeen years, she ran singles dances for the forty-plus crowd. She has been writing since the age of fourteen. Her books Direct Sales: Be Better Than Good-Be Great! and The Kindness Ambassador and The Sugarholic Prosecutor are available in the HeartMind Store and on

Joyce is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via


From an early age, Karie-Anne Hawthorne questioned the meaning of life. In 2009, when she discovered Inner Garden Balance Point Chapel,a non-denominational/inter-denominational church, she found answers and, surprisingly, that she wasn’t ‘weird’ at all. Her chapter, “Born to be Weird,” is a delightful account of how she came to celebrate her own and others’ uniqueness. Did her family ever find her great granddad’s fortune?

Karie-Anne is an ordained minister and regularly teaches classes and lectures on a number of healing and spiritual modalities. She is married with children and lives in Langley, British Columbia.

Karie-Anne is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via

    KATHARINE FAHLMAN - HMW #1, #2 & #3

Katharine Fahlman and her husband live in Surrey, British Columbia. As a wife, mother, grandmother, and business woman, she relies on her intuitive abilities to help her make decisions, anticipate situations and connect with people on the eternal side. Posted above her bed is a sign that reads: “Good morning. Know that today you are in good hands. You can relax. Thank you for your trust and understanding.” Katharine's website is:

HMW #1 - "Bankrupt! What I Learned About Life" - Katharine's lifelong dual roles of teacher and student have provided her with invaluable lessons and abundant wisdom. Her candid and insightful account of bankruptcy—trials and gifts—reflects her resilience, loving ways and faith. Katharine also once won a large cash lottery, so she is familiar with both ends of the financial spectrum. 

HMW #2 - “Journey of Courage” - Pregnant at age fifteen, unable to deal with her classmates’ gossip, Katharine Fahlman quit high school midyear. Before her baby was born, her own mother suffered a stroke and died. Though young and frightened, Katharine took care of her new husband and her grieving father. It was the first of many events and circumstances where she would need to draw on her greatest strengths: love, intuition and courage. 

HMW #3 - "A Collaborative Journey of Hope & Miracles" - Raised in a Christian family and with a grandmother who read tea leaves, Katharine knows that God works in conventional and mysterious ways. As a young girl, Katharine attended a variety of church services. What she noticed was that no matter their religion, when leaving church people seemed happier and walked taller. There was no doubt in her mind that church was a magical place and that her Grandma was a magical woman. Still, Katharine wondered two things: Why was what the tea told my grandmother of such interest to people? And, what exactly happened during a church service that made people feel more confident and peacefully happy? It was many years before she fully understood that the answer to both questions was the same. 

Katharine is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via



Prior to taking Kindness is Key’s Inspirational Authorship Course, Larry’s writing experience was limited to emails and a few letters. After completing his chapter, “Decision Day—To Live or Die,” he now plans to write an entire book! When you read his journey from death-by-weight to fitness and happiness, you’ll understand his burning desire to help others stop self-medicating with food.

Larry lives in Surrey, British Columbia and is available to inspire audiences—big and small. He can be contacted via


Lisa Walker lives in California with her daughter and son-in-law. She has enjoyed a long successful career in nursing and is a certified professional coach. In her words, “I have learned that it is not what happens to us that is important. It is our thoughts and actions about what happens to us that is key in our lives.” Lisa can be contacted at

HMW #3 - "Lost and then Found" - Lisa Walker and her two brothers were adopted. When young, she occasionally wondered about the woman who birthed her, but it really wasn't much of a concern. Lisa knew she and her siblings were loved and wanted. What did gnaw at her was that though felt she was a physical part of her family, she didn't feel emotionally attached. It wasn't until she attended a conference based on Byron Katie’s process “The Work” that Lisa was able to find her true self and experience peace.

Lisa is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via

    LOUISE E. MORRIS - HMW #1 & #3

As a mother and teacher, Louise Morris learned early about the power of words. Her chapter, “Out, Out—Damn Thought!” describes how she became aware of her inner voices and overcame her negative thinking. Like many people, rather than admit to shaming details, Louise gaily recounted colorful victim-hero stories to entertain and shock her friends. Her life began to flourish when she realized that the journey to happiness and inner-peace rests in self-acceptance. (Author's chapter in HMW #3 will be available in October, 2015.)

Louise lives in Surrey, British Columbia. She holds B.A. and M.A. in education with a focus on special education, leadership and mentoring. Believing in natural consequences and restitution over discipline, and always aware of how difficult it is to change because of her own challenges overcoming negative
thinking, she guides her students with caring wisdom.

Louise is available to speak to groups and can be contacted via


In his chapter, “Social Laryngitis,” Marcus Dwayne Harris shares how misguided youthful perceptions almost cost him everything he held dear. Once he realized that “pleasing others had morphed into disappointing everyone, like water doused on fire,” his flame expired. Finding his voice was a long and emotional journey back to himself and his family.

Marcus Dwayne Harris lives in Surrey, British Columbia. He is happily married and a ‘work at home’ father of three. He has a Bachelor of Arts in computer programming and a minor in business. Marcus is a self-taught web and graphic designer.

Marcus is available to talk to groups and can be contacted via


As a teenager, Maria Ganguin learned the value of a ‘buck’ when she and her brother won a thousand dollars playing bingo. In her chapter, she shares the wisdom nugget: If you can’t manage two thousand dollars, how will you ever wisely manage two hundred thousand dollars? She also recommends, twice a year taking a ‘personal fulfillment test’ to determine if you are on track financially and personally.

Maria s happily married and lives in Delta, British Columbia. Once a banker, she now enjoys caring for the elderly. Her favorite pastimes are cooking, walking her dog in the park and finding creative ways to save money. A ‘giver’ by nature, she is always the first to offer a helping hand.

Maria is available to talk to groups and can be contacted via


Rehana Nanjijuma resides in Vancouver, British Columbia where she has lived most of her life. Born in England, her family's migration path also includes India and East Africa. Ethnically, she is Gujrati (Indian). Rehana's Shia Ismaili Muslim faith inspired Rehana's deep interest in building bridges within and across diverse communities. Keen to contribute to global development, she was drawn to rejuvenation programs in Kabul, Afghanistan, and in Karachi, Gilgit, and Azad Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan. As a "third-culture kid," she loves to immerse herself in diverse cultures and learn new languages, including Urdu and French. She is currently studying Spanish.

Rehana is passionate about dancing, yoga, and creating inclusive communities at work, when volunteering and at play. She  enjoys painting, singing, and walking in nature. Rehana holds a Master of Public Health, in health promotion from the University of Alberta.

HMW #3 - "The Kashmiri Flute: 
Call to the Divine Feminine. Overwhelmed by the demands of university, a part-time job, and societal expectations, whenever possible, Rehana put on her sneakers and hit the forest trails running. The quiet, the scents, and the lush woodland scenery brought her temporary relief. Paradoxically, it was while working in war-affected Afghanistan and earthquake-shaken Pakistan that Rehana discovered the secret to cultivating a sense of inner-peace.

Rehana can be contacted via