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HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection #3    

“Scorpion In My Bed” by MAYTAWEE

Having walked the beaches of Vancouver, British Columbia with Eckhart Tolle and studied side-by-side with Mooji, MAYTAWEE was spiritually drawn to visit the ancient city of Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. Heeding her impulse to rip up her tourist agenda and toss it away, she wandered among the pathways bordering “the land of smiles” and entered a sacred temple. A young monk’s invitation to tea marks the beginning of many surreal happenings and awakenings for Maytawee.

Her monkey mind well-conditioned, she was vitally aware of her physical being’s need for safety and shelter. Yet, she could not ignore the callings of her heartmind, her soul’s need to fully embrace each moment in peace and with absolute trust and love. Still, deep in the jungle at a Buddhist temple, the sole Westerner among non-English-speaking monks and monk-nuns, initially she struggled to relish these moments without running water, electricity or cellphone connection. Especially, months of moments later, when she knelt on the dirt floor and found a scorpion in her bed of bamboo and cotton.

More About Maytawee: Formerly known as Maggie Calder-Wilkins, Maytawee is a Buddhist Monk-nun, a minister of divinity and sought-after keynote speaker and writer. With a focus on The Buddha Within, her workshops include: Fast Track Energy Release, Ajna Light Brainwave Healing and Mandala Sacred Dance Movement. To connect with Maytawee, visit her website: http://www.maytawee.ca/


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