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Getting their books noticed in the online bookstore jungle is challenging for new and established authors. The Heartmind Store is the "promoted" part of the mission to revolutionize how authors are trained, promoted and compensated.

If you're considering listing your books/novels or want to know more about the mission, there's more information below the contest entry form. Should have a question or a suggestion regarding how we can improve the store or further the mission, I'd love to hear from you.

Please, please, please connect with me if I can help you in any way. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Happy authoring, Joy 





All published and soon-to-be published authors are eligible to enter.

One entry per author.

Winners will be determined via six drawings held on December 1st, 2018.

3 Chances to Win for Published Authors.

3 Chances to Win for Soon-to-be-Published New Authors.

Winners announced in the December HEARTMIND STORE Newsletter and on our Facebook Page. 


Wait for the Draw or Register Your Books Now

Should you decide to register one or more of your books/novels now, we'd be thrilled to start promoting you and your title(s) to our steady stream of website visitors. Of course, you're welcome to enter the contest and wait to see if you win. BOOK PROMO DETAILS ARE BELOW THE ENTRY FORM. 





The Heartmind Store accepts books in the following categories:

Abundance How-To, Children's Literature, Leisure Reading, and Inspiration & Self-Help.

  We’re not a publishing house.

 We don’t want a share of your royalties.

Like you, we’re writers who want to connect with readers in a deeper, more meaningful way. We spent months writing, editing and re-editing. We know how disheartening it is to find your book listed thousands or millions of books below the bestsellers. Rather than remain buried deep within the online bookstore jungle, we decided to do something about it—promote as a writers’ community. 

 Click on a few books in the Heartmind Store, and here’s what you’ll find: 

1. We link prospective readers to authors’ websites, social media sites, and preferred online bookstores.

2. We list unpublished free e-books and published books.

3. We include an extensive write-up about each author and his/her book.

4. If wanted, we include a photo of the author.

5. If wanted, we include an author’s contact info.

6. Within limits, we include whatever helps an author connect with readers in a deeper, more meaningful way.

7. Our monthly e-newsletter showcasing the latest Heartmind Store books is sent to thousands of subscribers.  

Authors deep within the online bookstore jungle aren’t rich… yet. We get that! Our listing rate is far below reasonable. There are no contracts to sign, no publishing rights to forfeit, no long-term commitments.

Our initial set-up fee and one year promotion is $45 for one book, and $5 for each additional book listed. After one year, authors are invited to renew their promo and maintain their top positioning in the Heartmind Store. 

If you're wondering how we can offer such ridiculously low rates, it's because we're not about making huge profit. Joy Ross of Writing with JOY Training & Publishing and the creator of the Heartmind Store is on a mission to revolutionize how authors are trained, promoted and compensated. Connecting authors and readers in a deeper, more meaningful way is part of her mission. 

Here's how listing your titles works. When you register, you’ll receive an “About You & Your Book” questionnaire. As you’re a writer, we’re confident that you’ll craft a superb bio and book promo piece. However, if we spot any typos or spelling errors, we’ll correct them.

Once your book and write-up are on the Heartmind Store, usually within three business days, we’ll send you an e-mail asking you to proof it and advise us of any changes you want.  




Joy Ross is the creator of Heartmind Store, the Empowered Author Self-Publishing Course, and Writing with JOY Training and Publishing. Her mission to revolutionize how authors are trained, promoted and compensated is grounded in what she views as the unfair exploitation of authors' dreams by hybrid publishing houses and other companies.

Training: Disheartened by the vast number of books that go unpublished because the authors can't afford a $1,400+ publishing package, Joy created the EMPOWERED AUTHOR Self-Publishing Course: Everything You Need to Know to Publish Your Books for Free. CLICK HERE to preview the course for free. No credit card needed.

Promotion: Continually advertised, the Heartmind Store helps authors rise above the online bookstore jungle and get noticed. The invitation to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card ensures an ever-growing list of new subscribers. The Heartmind News monthly e-newsletter ensures subscribers are continually reminded of titles in the store. 

Compensation: Lack of know-how results in many authors being under compensated. In the Empowered Author Self-Publishing Course and via social media posts, Joy shares how authors can maximize profit from book sales.

If you want to part of the mission to revolutionize how authors are trained, promoted and compensated, please join the EMPOWERED AUTHORS Writers Group. There's a link at the bottom of this page. 


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