Rise Above the Jungle



Attention Authors


The Hearmind Store is accepting 100 books in the following categories:

Abundance How-To, Children's Literature, Leisure Reading, and Inspiration & Self-Help.


 We’re not a publishing house.

 We don’t want a share of your royalties.


Like you, we’re writers who want to connect with readers in a deeper, more meaningful way. We spent months writing, editing and re-editing. We know how disheartening it is to find your book listed thousands or millions of books below the bestsellers. Rather than remain buried deep within the online bookstore jungle, we decided to do something about it—promote as a writers’ community.


 Click on a few books in the Heartmind Store, and here’s what you’ll find:


1. We link prospective readers to authors’ websites, social media sites, and preferred online bookstores.

2. We list unpublished free e-books and published books.

3. We include an extensive write-up about each author and his/her book.

4. If wanted, we include a photo of the author.

5. If wanted, we include an author’s contact info.

6. Within limits, we include whatever helps an author connect with readers in a deeper, more meaningful way.

7. Our "WIN! $50 AMAZON Gift Card" promotion encourages readers to write book reviews. After all, the more reviews, the higher a book ranks in the online bookstore jungle. 

8. Beginning in January 2018, our e-newsletter showcasing the latest Heartmind Store books will be sent to thousands of subscribers. 


Authors deep within the online bookstore jungles aren’t rich… yet. We get that! Our listing rate is far below reasonable. There are no contracts to sign, no publishing rights to forfeit, no long-term commitments.

Our initial set-up fee and one year promotion is $50 for one book, and $15 each for additional book listed. After one year, authors are invited to renew their promo and maintain their top positioning in the Heartmind Store. 

If you’re wondering how we can afford such ridiculously low rates and advertise on social media… we can’t. This is our introductory offer. The next 100 authors will invest more.

Here's how it works. When you register, you’ll receive an “About You & Your Book” questionnaire. As you’re a writer, we’re confident that you’ll craft a superb bio and book promo piece. However, if we spot any typos or spelling errors, we’ll correct them.

Once your book and write-up are on the Heartmind Store, usually within three business days, we’ll send you an e-mail asking you to proof it and advise us of any changes you want.

This is a first-come-first-served offer. If you want to be one of the first 100 books listed in the Heartmind Store and rise above the online bookstore jungle, register today.