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& the Sugarholic Prosecutor

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Inspiration & Romance in One Great Read!

Based on the 13 Keys to Living the Life You are Meant to Love, The Kindness Ambassador & The Sugarholic Prosecutor is an inspiring and entertaining read. This is not a romance novel with a predictable storyline or ending. Be prepared to wonder, laugh and connect with your higher-self. (The sequel to this novel, The Wooden Nickel Wellness Spa & Retreat, will be available in 2018.) 

Amazon Reviews

Roswyn on March 6, 2013 - Format: Paperback

Entertaining: An entertaining and gripping story written in colorful metaphors, woven into the background fabric of inspiration, belief and forgiveness. A chance meeting, a dog called Lightening, along with a boy named North Bay, will captivate your attention and imagination from beginning to the unexpected finale. I spent a whole, long, lazy Sunday, turning the pages, totally absorbed, and unable to put the book down while I read it cover to cover!” --Roswyn Nelson

By Maya on June 19, 2013 - Format: Paperback

Romance and spirituality create the perfect relationship: What a sweet, delightful and inspiring novel! I was hooked from the beginning, could not put the book down! This is not your 'usual' romance novel! Such a fantastic way to 'mingle' spiritual insights and a true love story! And yes, I gained several insights, now it's time to practice!”

By Taslim Jaffer on March 12, 2013 - Format: Paperback

Inspiring page-turner. This book is perfect for someone looking for upliftment and spiritual knowledge in an entertaining novel format. I quickly became attached to the main characters and loved the way the story unravelled. Highly recommend it!”

About the Author

In the late eighties, Joyce (Joy) Ross earned pink-car status as a Mary Kay director. A few years later, she founded Camelion Hosiery, a direct sales company marketing non-run hosiery and sterling silver jewellery. In 1993, after growing the company to 500 independent representatives across North America, she sold the business. 

During 1994, Joy was instrumental in taking a Vancouver-based children's clothing company from monthly sales of $40,000 to $400,000 monthly. In 1995, she founded a singles dance business which she successfully ran for sixteen years. 

Together with E. Patricia Connor, in 2010, she cofounded Kindness Is Key Training & Publishing Inc., and published the HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection. Currently, Joy is the proprietor of the HEARTMIND STORE and the chief editor of the EARTH ANGELS Series. On a mission to revolutionize the way authors are promoted, compensated and trained, in 2017, she founded WRITING WITH JOY. 

Joy’s other published works include: The Kindness Ambassador (Balboa Press, 2013); Avatar Marketing Editions I and II (Kindness is Key Publishing Inc., 2014); contributing author in HEARTMIND WISDOM Collections #1, #2 and #3 (Kindness is Key Publishing Inc.,2013–2016).

Connect with Joyce Ross

Phone: 250.634.0050 in Victoria, British Columbia




& the Sugarholic Prosecutor

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Thanks for taking a closer look at The Kindness Ambassador. After reading it, Joyce would be grateful if you posted a review on Amazon.