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Open to Possibility... Design Your Life

"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe."   Oprah Winfrey 
"Every piece of art, every invention, every dream begins with a clear vision of the final creation. Able to envision the future, every person possesses the ability to shape their gifts and desires into an abundant and purposeful lifestyle."   Helen Dougherty 

About Helen Dougherty

A sought-after keynote speaker, transformational personal and business coach, Reiki practitioner, nutrition expert and fitness trainer, Helen Dougherty helps visionaries move forward with confident, purposeful and joyful intention. Thanks to her unique and potent blend of strategies for personal empowerment and accelerated financial success, Helen is one of North America's top Lifestyle Designers. 

As it is for most transformational leaders, Helen's journey into a successful and purposeful life was sparked by a seemingly aimless and purposeless existence. 

Helen's Journey 

"My coaching journey began when I realized I wasn't living authentically. I hid behind fear and self-doubt, tucked away from the world and protected from potential criticism. I was a helper. My wants and needs were secondary. To be loved, I had to be and do what was expected of me... at work... in relationships... in how I dressed... in what I voiced. Caught in what I deemed was my place in the world, I functioned--robot style.

Though my conscious mind accepted being relegated to the sidelines, my body rebelled. My back ached. Plagued by allergies, I daily took antihistamines. Frequent colds robbed me of energy and often landed me in bed. Eventually, my robotic functioning neared non-functioning. It was time to examine my life.

"What is it that my body is trying to tell me?" I wondered.
"I'm unhappy, I guess.
What could I do differently?
No idea.
What do I want?
No idea.
Who could help me figure it out?
No idea."

I might not have known who to turn to for help, but the universe did. 

A short while later, I learned about Mary Morrissey's LIFE MASTERY INSTITUTE and enrolled. With the support of skilled facilitators, I examined what I believed, desired and needed. Gradually, I gave myself permission to be my authentic self.

Authenticity required peeling off the masks that interfered with my being true to myself. It was no longer okay for me to stay cloaked in fear and self-doubt. These two bosom buddies were masking my authentic-self. They had to go. But how the heck did one get rid of ingrained emotions and beliefs? Knowing self-doubt and fear needed banishing was a great first step. But where to next?

For me, where to next was a meandering road of self-discovery. With time and the continued support of my Life Mastery facilitators, I became increasingly confident. With confidence came possibility. I was free to and capable of designing my life to reflect my core purpose.  

When I authentically stepped into the limelight, I discovered that others embraced me for being me. I was accepted. I was enough. I was loved. 

My health having been a catalyst for my transformation, in addition to becoming a graduate of the LIFE MASTER INSTITUTE, I studied nutrition, Reiki and fitness. Healthy, happy, and blessed with a life lived with purpose, it was time to pay my good fortune forward."  


Believe in Possibility... Design Your Life 

Grateful for the time, love and wisdom gifted her. in 2015, Helen Dougherty founded WONDER FULL LIVING. Proof that when you believe in possibility you can design your life, she adopted Lifestyle Designer as a descriptor for her offerings.

Do you feel confident, fully alive and happy?

Are you healthy, fit and pain-free?

Are you worthy?

Are you loved?

Do you love deeply and completely?

Is your self-talk positive?

Is your life financially and time abundant?

Do you honour your desires, wishes and wants?

Do you have a clear vision of your core life-purpose?

If you could peel away one mask, what would it be?

If you could alter one circumstance, what would it be? 

As a Lifestyle Designer, Helen honours that everyone is as unique as a fingerprint. The above questions are meant to spark consideration of where you are at this moment in your journey.  

Perhaps you have a clear vision of your life's purpose, but feel stuck. You might be aware of what needs refurbishing in your business or career, but intentionally or unintentionally maintain the status quo. Like it once was for Helen, maybe your needs and wants are buried beneath a heap of must be's and should do's piled so high and deep that you're not even in the equation that will one day sum up your life. 

Your Where to Next?

You can and deserve to move forward with a clearly defined purposeful vision, authentic confidence and absolute self-worth. As your Lifestyle Designer, Helen will help you identify your Where to Next? Your heart-inspired purpose.  

Then, via intention-mapping, goal-attainment strategies, proven success techniques, energy healing and body care, she'll guide you toward vision fulfillment, one life-transforming thought, belief, feeling and action a time. 

Personal Coaching

You're the master of your destiny. After helping you identify your emotional, physical and financial visions, as your Lifestyle Designer, Helen will tailor an intention-map that celebrates your authentic being while accelerating your progress toward personal and career fulfillment. 


Minus an intention-map, your authentic-self will float about in a sea of possibilities. Clearly defined action-steps ensure you attain your lifestyle goals efficiently and effectively. As you evolve, so will your intention-map, ensuring your Where to Next? is always visible and attainable. 

Reiki Healing

A form of spiritually-guided energy healing, Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stressors and toxins and maximizing emotional and physical wellness. Depending on your circumstances and preferences, Reiki can be incorporated into your intention-map as a tool for accelerating the attainment of your emotional, physical and financial visions. 

Nutrition & Fitness 

Energy-fostering fuel and movement are vital for sustained wellness and success. As a nutritionist and fitness trainer, Helen will help you identify food and exercises that best serve the needs of your body type, movement preferences, and lifestyle vision. 

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