THE PLANET by Jeff Mahoney

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THE PLANET by Jeff Mahoney

Jeff Mahoney's first book, THE PLANET, was birthed while he was teaching English in China. His forthcoming titles include THE WOLF, a spiritual journey, and MOLLY'S HOUSE, a horror story. Jeff lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

THE PLANET reveals the struggles of the human race as mankind begins to understand its place in the universe. 

Captain Stands and his crew are proud to lead the race to find new elements on the planet that no one thought could be reached. Operating among a myriad of strange beings and forces, they discover an unknown element and unwittingly unleash an ancient evil that had been dormant for an age. An evil that reveals the darkness within them, and is powerful and potent enough to spread throughout the universe. Knowing that all will be lost if they don't, Captain Stands and his crew band together with the 'locals.' Together, they fight in unity.


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