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Change Your Thoughts...

Change Your Life


Specializing in Hypnotherapy and Emotion Healing, Alisa Gamblin is a Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Counsellor, Oracle-Guide Facilitator, and Sound Healer. Alisa is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka Tapping), PSYCH-K (nature and spiritually-based subconscious mind communication), THE JOURNEY (healing through soul light work), and Inverse Wave Therapy (the use of sound, colour, emotion and memory to transform repetitive negative behaviour to positive).

Emotion Healing

Emotions helm destiny. Acknowledged, honoured, accepted and expressed, emotions lead toward wellness and personal fulfillment. Hidden and unexpressed, emotions present as dissatisfaction, depression and disease," said Alisa. "Support is especially crucial for anyone navigating trauma, loss, guilt, neglect or regret. Traversed alone, unhealed emotions can be an overwhelming and frightening. Journeyed through with the support of a trained professional, healing your emotions becomes enlightening, rewarding, and transforming."


Widely endorsed as a therapy for eliminating unwanted behavioural patterns such as smoking, nail biting and overeating, hypnotherapy can alter limiting beliefs, depowering thoughts and self-sabotaging behavior patterns.

Most people dip in an out of hypnotic states while watching television, reading a book, or driving. Addiction is a form of hypnotism where a person is in an altered or numbed state. Whenever our mind deviates from total consciousness, we forfeit control over our thoughts, responses and actions. We are hypnotized.

"Through hypnotherapy, my goal is to de-hypnotize clients so that they can regain emotional and actual control of their lives," said Alisa. "For example, when you form 'truths" around events and circumstances in childhood, you accept them as facts and fashion your thoughts, beliefs and feelings to align with those truths. Rooted at a young age, these so-called truths are powerful, often hindering personal achievement and happiness. Hypnotherapy accesses truth-associated emotions and beliefs at a subconscious level, where they can be reshaped into beliefs that propel purposeful achievement and emotions that foster happiness."

Hypnosis Process: Through relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy relaxes the conscious mind while simultaneously stimulating the subconscious mind. In a heightened awareness state, the subconscious mind becomes receptive to new information and ideas.

Change Your Thoughts...

Change Your Life

Changing your life for the better consists of two primary components. The first is identifying disserving beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  The second involves positive reframing through language remodelling, energy work, visualization and hypnotic suggestion, the latter being the most potent.

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Download your free e-book, click the link below.

Link: www.thebeliefconnection.com