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Smartass Buddha by Ted Schredd 

Praise for the Book & Ted Schredd

"Ted Schredd knows fun.” —The Edmonton Sun "The book is 'F'enomenal! - Ted Schredd is a regular guest on my radio program because he is an inspiration and a model for how to bring more feeling, friends and frivolity into life!” —Buzz Bishop, XL103 Radio Calgary 

“All the effort in the world won’t matter unless you are inspired.” Chuck Palahniuk

"I loved how matter of fact it was, how practical it was, and how beautifully written it was. Should be standard issue to all the existentially challenged youngsters out there, not to mention oldsters. Inspirational indeed, it was so good, I read it twice." Cam Berg, Melbourne, Australia

“I love how this book gently challenges you to question the status quo and listen to your own innate wisdom to live a life uniquely your own." Sheila Sornsin, The Grateful Goddess

I love this book so much! I can’t say enough about how funny it is and how it easy it is to digest the information in a fun way. I just had to pass on the message… I love the SmartAss Buddha.” Julie Edwardson, Squamish, British Columbia  

Note from Ted Schredd


My name is Ted. I am on a mission to inspire people to enjoy life as much as possible. My brother died of a massive brain tumor at forty-seven. I was forty-one at the time and it scared the dickens out of me. Was it genetic? Am I next? What if I have only six years left? It was really tough to see him suffer through chemotherapy and the side effects. But, the real heartbreaker was that my brother was completely overwhelmed with sadness right until his last breath.

On the way home from his funeral I heard an interview on the radio about the top regrets of the dying.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

  • Failed to pursue their dreams or aspirations.
  • Spent far too much time at work instead of with their family.
  • Didn’t spend enough time with their friends.
  • Wished they had allowed themselves to be happier.
  • Expressing their feelings and emotions.

 As soon as I heard these regrets, I knew that my brother’s sadness was massive regret. It made me ask a difficult question that people rarely ask. Did I want to die full of regret? About ninety percent of people say they have major regrets. Will you be one of them? Of course not, that would be stupid.

Inspiration is that steamy spicy spark that will elevate you past your obstacles and keep you running down the trail. When you are inspired, it is like you have hidden superpower in your backpack. Inspiration will pole-vault you past your excuses, instigate action and create almost limitless energy to work towards your dreams and desires for months, years or even decades. No matter what you are pursuing in life, no matter how prepared, committed, organized or focused you are, if you are lacking inspiration you will always experience more struggle than you have to. The more inspired you become, the more your life will brim with laughs, wonderful souls, interesting experiences, gracious gratitude, titillating travel, enlightening events, a love for nature, expansive ideas, unique moments and grand adventures.

Don’t be surprised if after reading the Smartass Buddha...

  • You begin planning that overseas trip you’ve always wanted to take, but never quite felt like it was time.
  • You start living a more active, healthy lifestyle and finding those old jeans at the back of your closet fit just right.
  • You find that taking care of your body becomes second-nature. You inspire yourself to build new, active, healthy mental and physical habits into your daily routine.
  • Friends and family start to point out and notice a glow about you they haven’t seen in years.
  • You feel a greater sense of who you are and where you’re going.
  • You find the courage to make a career change you’ve been dreaming of.
  • You take up new hobbies that bring you plenty of joy.
  • You actively connect with other inspired souls and build your own inspirational support network.



About Ted Schredd

Happiness guru and the world’s zaniest sane person.”

Joy Ross

I am a Canadian adventurer who blatantly dislikes being cold. I have always had a curious side to me. Most often, my curious nature has caused me to ponder how to enjoy life and have fun. Over the years, I have had a wide range of interesting jobs that have shaped who I am. Read below to find out more. 

My purpose in life is to get inspired and pass it on! To me, there is nothing more rewarding than mentoring, helping, or inspiring someone who then goes out and does the same for other people. I believe that we will make a positive change in this world by getting people tuned into what inspires them. Once they get clarity, it is up to the rest of us to support and encourage those people to act on that inspiration. 
Something magic happens when people find their inspiration―they positively affect everyone that comes into contact with them. One inspired soul can light thousands and thousands of candles. 

About ten years ago, I lost a brother to cancer, and it really shook me. It was totally unexpected and swift. At that moment, I decided that I wasn't going to get hit with that death surprise thing without having the time of my life. So I sold all my stuff and went wandering.
Since then, during the winter months, I explored: Lake Atitlan in Guatemala; Tucson, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; and Portland, Oregon. In the summertime when the snow was long gone, I dipped back into Canada. And no, I don't plan to settle down anytime soon. 

I am a nature addict. If I could, I would live outside all the time. I love to hike, bike, and take pictures in nature every opportunity I get. I specifically like Tucson, Arizona, because of the amazing cycling and sunny skies that are always available. 


So here are a few of my work highlights. 

GUATEMALA WRITING RETREAT: I figured that if I was going to write a book about inspiration, I needed to unleash my verbiage in an inspiring location. I have always wanted to write a book in a warm, faraway place, so I headed to Guatemala for the SmartAss Buddha project. I ended up in a quaint little apartment called Luna Azul that had a rooftop deck nestled in between the volcanoes on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

My office was surrounded by coffee plants, mango trees, tropical birds, and had a stunning 360-degree view of the lake including all the geographical elements that hold it in place. I survived on fresh fruit and vegetable juice and was electrified every morning with the most amazing lattes I have ever tasted. 

But it wasn't all fun and games. I had to deal with regular power outages, earthquakes, being chased by hungry street dogs, and sloth-like Internet speed. The good news is that all those experiences only intensified my sarcasm skills. Between the locals, the views, the fruit, coffee, and an ideal location to create, I was able to stay focused and happily write the SmartAss Buddha

BIG BIKE RIDE NUMBER 3: Just for the fun of it, in 2009, I cycled from Summerland, British Columbia, to Los Angeles, California. It took about six weeks to cycle the 1,500 miles (2,500 KM). 

FUN RESEARCHER: I set up a website to promote my book Grandma Knows the F... Word, and the Internet went crazy over Thanks to Google ads on my website, I was able to create a healthy passive income. This gave me the ability to "research fun" activities, people and places...and then write about and photograph my experiences. I have to say, it was not the worst gig in the world.

CORPORATE SPEAKING: I have given multiple presentations across Western Canada on "How to Have More Fun in Life." Through stories, pictures and videos, I had audiences laughing and rethinking the direction of their lives. Speaking at corporate functions was extremely stressful and didn't bring me great joy. When your goal is to get everybody to quit their jobs and live life on their own terms, many in the corporate world tend to avoid you.

AUTHORED GRANDMA KNOWS THE F... WORD: I had a blast writing and promoting this book on my philosophy of fun for adults. I garnered lots of press including three appearances on national talk shows. 

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER: I was hired to shoot the amenities at numerous resorts throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. I shot hundreds of thousands of images of hotel rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, and local tourist attractions. It was a challenging gig but the perks were truly amazing. Numerous times while shooting at a beach location, I had to pinch myself as I ordered another plate of coconut prawns. 

BREAKFAST TV SHOW HOST/PRODUCER: I was hired to help launch Vancouver Television. As the host/producer, I screened and booked guests. From Monday to Friday, I scouted locations and conducted live street reports for the Vancouver Breakfast Show.


  • Broadcasting live with the most talented creative team I have ever experienced.
  • Was blacklisted by the RCMP at the APEC conference for dancing on the press tables.
  • Left to carry the entire show on remote location until further notice while the studio was being evacuated because of a fire alarm.
  • Interviewing Leslie Nielsen, Tommy Chong, Super Dave Osborne, Wolfe Blitzer, Peter Jennings, and more.

BIG BICYCLE TRIP NUMBER TWO: Sponsored by Powerbar, ASAMA bicycles, and Ryder Sunglasses, I set off on a four-country bike tour of England, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia. This challenging, six month, ten-thousand-kilometer bike tour toughened my butt and gave me some wonderful and unpredictable experiences.


  • Unknowingly took amphetamines while experiencing heatstroke and continued to ride.
  • Attacked by a kangaroo in Pretty Beach, Australia (south of Sydney).
  • Spent Christmas on an emu farm.
  • Ruined Christmas dinner for twenty people.
  • Had my camera stolen by a monkey and had to wrestle it back from him.

AUTHORED FIRST BOOK: The Adventures of Coconut Head: One Big Bodacious Bike Trip chronicles my 8000-mile bicycle ride around North America. In the book, I share tales of my crazy experiences and the characters I encountered on the road. About following your heart, the book had a huge impact on the launch of my writing and broadcasting career. 

RADIO TRAFFIC REPORTER ON A BICYCLE: With no broadcasting experience or training, I pitched the program director at Z-95.3 FM, Brad Phillips, about creating a new job position for me. Brad went for it! For the next two years, I cycled over 12,500 miles (20,000 KM), reporting traffic from the streets of Vancouver as the World's First Radio Traffic Reporter on a Bicycle.

Some of the Live Radio Bits:

  • Going in a sewer and then popping out to see if I can see my shadow on Groundhog Day.
  • Live broadcast of bike ride-along with the police.
  • Chasing a helium-filled, sheep-shaped sex toy across the city.
  • Live broadcast from Mazatlan, Mexico.
  • Offering a listener $50 to steal someone's breakfast at McDonald's.
  • Shaving my back and having listeners guess how many cups of hair was collected.
  • Offering listeners a chance to win tickets to a Vancouver Canucks game for using a hockey stick to shoot cream-filled donuts at my head.
  • And dozens more.

Here is a note from the best boss I have ever had: "In the early days of Z95.3 FM in Vancouver, British Columbia, we wanted to do traffic reports with a twist. Every other station had planes or choppers with reporters and we had Ted on his bike! He was very entertaining and it became a big part of our station." Brad Phillips, General Manager, Corus Entertainment

BICYCLED FROM VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA to KEY WEST, FLORIDA and BACK: With $160, no experience, no camping equipment, and a piece-of-crap mountain bike, I rode from Vancouver, British Columbia to San Diego, California, east to Key West, Florida, north to Montreal, Quebec, and back to Vancouver. 


  • Left Vancouver with a Canadian girl and returned with a nurse from Texas.
  • Created a bestselling book: The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head.
  • Inspired to me to become an author, illustrator and professional broadcaster.
  • Over 300 media appearances promoting reasons to be environmentally friendly.


SELF-EMPLOYED SKIING VIDEOGRAPHER: Without knowing how to ski, I decided to move to Lake Louise, Alberta, and start a small business. I created holiday videos capturing individuals, friends and families on vacation. After getting lectured by the marketing director of the ski hill about how nobody wanted to have videos of themselves on vacation, I got out of town and headed to Vancouver. I continued to shoot on Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour, Whistler, and on slopes in the interior of British Columbia.

FRISBEE INSTRUCTOR: Yes, it's true. I ran a program to teach ten-to-twelve-year-olds how to play freestyle frisbee. Once the kids learned some skills, the top performers were sent to Florida for the North American Championships. I am not lying; it was my job and I was paid for it. I sincerely don't remember the high school counselor mentioning this as a career opportunity.

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