DIRECT SALES: Be Better Than Good―Be GREAT!

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Direct Sales: Be Better Than Good—Be Great!

The direct sales industry is enjoying a booming resurgence. Why? People are realizing that a career in direct sales—as a representative or business owner—is an exciting and lucrative endeavor for those with the right skills and techniques. 

The Skills & Know-How You Need

Successful selling requires mastering a few basic principles, and then continually repeating what you have learned. Brimming with proven techniques and sample scripts, below is what you’ll learn by reading Direct Sales: Be Better Than Good—Be Great!

Do's & Don'ts When Prospecting for Clients

Sure-fire Techniques for Booking Demonstrations

How to Ensure Bookings Hold

Hostess Coaching = Higher Profits in Less Hours

The Basics of a Successful Sales Presentation

Closing Strategies that Work

How to Overcome Rejections Before You Get Them

How to Skyrocket Profits Through Client Service

Strategies for Increased Confidence and Profits

The Hidden Power of Goal Setting

Time Management Strategies 

Amazon Reviews 

By Amazon Customer on July 24, 2005 - Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

"This book is a MUST for anyone in direct sales. The two features most outstanding were: (1) how to stop giving away the store while trying to "entice" sales and hostess bookings and (2) how to overcome objections. Very readable and applicable to all fields. While I was reading Chapter 3 on getting bookings, the phone rang and I was able to apply what I had already read and book another demo! That was worth the price of the book right there!!?"

By peggyrichad on March 28, 2000 - Format: Paperback

"An excellent resource for beginners in the home-party business. Joyce takes you step by step on how to prospect, book and sell. Make every party a success! Includes detailed scripts to get you started. An excellent book." 

By L. Haley on May 24, 2002 - Format: Paperback

"This book is an excellent resource for those just starting out in the direct sales business. It reinforces the company training manuals and offers proven results from sales veteran Joyce Ross. It helped to alleviate my fears and includes very specific examples of how to prospect, book, and sell. I would highly recommend it for anyone in direct sales."

About the Author

In the late eighties, Joyce (Joy) Ross earned pink-car status as a Mary Kay director. A few years later, she founded Camelion Hosiery, a direct sales company marketing non-run hosiery and sterling silver jewellery. In 1993, after growing the company to 500 independent representatives across North America, she sold the business. 

During 1994, Joy was instrumental in taking a Vancouver-based children's clothing company from monthly sales of $40,000 to $400,000 monthly. In 1995, she founded a singles dance business which she successfully ran for sixteen years. 

Together with E. Patricia Connor, in 2010, she cofounded Kindness Is Key Training & Publishing Inc., and published the HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection. Currently, Joy is the proprietor of the HEARTMIND STORE and the chief editor of the EARTH ANGELS Series. On a mission to revolutionize the way authors are promoted, compensated and trained, in 2017, she founded WRITING WITH JOY. 

Joy’s other published works include: The Kindness Ambassador (Balboa Press, 2013); Avatar Marketing Editions I and II (Kindness is Key Publishing Inc., 2014); contributing author in HEARTMIND WISDOM Collections #1, #2 and #3 (Kindness is Key Publishing Inc.,2013–2016).

Connect with Joyce Ross

Phone: 250.634.0050 in Victoria, British Columbia



Direct Sales: Be Better Than Good—Be Great! 

 Available on &

Order this book on Amazon and write a review. Then CLICK HERE and enter to WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card.