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Waking Up to Love by Evan Purcell

As a kid, Ramona always loved visiting the McInney family next door. They provided comfort that her own household never could. Plus, she always had a thing for Scott McInney . . . the boy who knew all her secrets . . . the boy who up and married her twin sister, Vanessa, instead. Scott broke Ramona’s heart.

Now that Ramona and Scott are all grown up, things aren’t going well for the McInney family. Mrs. McInney is in a coma after a cruel twist of fate, and Vanessa ran off soon after the wedding. No one knows where she is or why she left. Now it’s Scott’s turn to be heartbroken.

Before things can get any worse, Mrs. McInney wakes up in her hospital bed. She’s groggy and confused, but she’s going to be okay. The only problem is that her heart is still weak, and any shocking news could prove fatal. Scott knows he can’t tell her about his wife’s disappearance, at least not right now. There’s only one thing he can do: ask Ramona to pose as her sister - his wife - at least until things calm down.

Ramona thinks she can handle the charade. All she has to do is suppress all those years of pining, and infatuation . . . and love. It’s easier said than done, though, because the more time she spends with the handsome boy next door, the more she realizes that she can’t keep her hands off him.


About Evan Purcell

“Evan Purcell is a brilliant and imaginative author living an enviable global journey, which is reflected in the richness of his eclectic writings.” Joy Ross

Evan Purcell is a high school English teacher working in beautiful Bhutan, the happiest country in the world. He lives in a valley with a name that all his American friends are constantly mispronouncing (Bumthang), and spends his free time hiking, camping, and watching trashy horror movies with his friends.

Before Bhutan, Evan was a principal in Zanzibar, a teacher/trainer in China, and a camp counselor in Russia. He loves exploring new countries and working with the local schools. There are tons of misconceptions about Americans in other countries, which is why it’s so important to go out and meet people.

A published author since fourth grade (thanks to an Arizona poetry contest), Evan has spent the last few years focusing on romance novels. He’s also written movie reviews, comedy articles, and award-nominated screenplays.

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Available on Amazon.ca & Amazon.com 

Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Thank you for ordering Waking Up to Love

After reading this contemporary romance novel, Evan would be grateful if you wrote a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.