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The Dying Butterfly

by D. L. (Deanna) Fletcher


Holly and Tony are a young couple in love.

They thought they had all the time in the world.

They were wrong.

Chaos erupts as the illness spreads and the population starts dying, forcing Holly and her group of family and friends to hit the road. 

One night, the deranged ill charge their camp and her family and friends scatter, separating Holly from everyone she knows and loves. In her search for her group, she stumbles upon a small community.

By the light of a flickering candle, working on a typewriter she finds in her travels, Holly tells us about the illness, her new life, and her search for the ones she lost. In a truly captivating first-person narrative, Holly also shares her evolving philosophies on life, human vulnerability, and the power of hope.  



Reader Reviews


5 Stars - Goodreads

"What a truly captivating and gritty novel, the word fantastic fails to capture the creative and intriguing tale D. L. Fletcher has spun. The reader is thrown into Holly’s chaotic life as a virus has spread throughout the world, killing millions and destroying life as she knew it. D. L Fletcher creatively shows Holly’s life before the virus spread through her country and home town, and how she handled with the new chaotic post-apocalyptic world she found herself in. with the perfect use of flashbacks and foreshadowing. 

The author expertly crafts a creative web of remarkable fiction that has the reader hooked on every last word. Many a sleepless night will be taken by this book, as each chapter just gets better and better. As a reader, it is impossible not to get swept up in the wide range of emotions, from pure fear and worry to brief moments of happiness and romance. D.L Fletcher creates immensely emotional scenes with beautiful imagery, which will no doubt bring tears to the reader’s eyes.

D. L. Fletcher has taken a post-apocalyptic, zombie-like, narrative and breathed new life into what could be seen as an exhausted genre; this is not an easy feat and something to be commended. 

She has kept what feels comfortable about a zombie narrative, such as biting, virus outbreak and threat of life. However, Fletcher has thrown away all the other rules, twisting the standard narrative of the genre into something that is truly unique and something she can call her own. 

While it could appear all doom and gloom within the novel as the world Holly and others know it is turned upside down and practically destroyed, the author brings a flashlight to lighten the darkness. She skillfully weaves light, often humorous, scenes within the overarching virus apocalyptic narrative; thus proving that light can be found even in the darkest of moments and circumstances. 

Young love is often classed as a fling or something without great substance but D. L. Fletcher turns that conception on its head. When it comes to the love between Holly and Tony the author proves that while they may be young it is anything but a fling or without substance. Even with the turmoil surrounding their family and friends the romantic storyline still holds strong, often driving the main character, Holly, forward when she would have otherwise given up. It is no mere feat to skillfully combine the main horror apocalyptical arch with long-running sweet romance storyline, and yet Fletcher does it so very well. 

While many authors can focus on the virus, the military and political efforts when it comes to a similar storyline as in The Dying Butterfly, Fletcher moved to focus on the human element of the story. Her use of first person perspective places the reader directly into the action and it is impossible to not to be swept away in the waves of emotions that befall the characters. Taking this aspect of the genre, the human element, is a slice of ingenious creativity as it pulls on the reader’s wonder of what they would do if placed in a similar situation. It’s a question everyone has thought about at one point in their life, what they would do if the world suddenly ended/changed.

Overall, D.L. Fletcher has created a creative awe-inspiring novel that keeps the reader hooked on every word. Even leaving them hanging on the edge of a cliff practically begging for more from the tale." —Entrada Book Review


5 Stars - Goodreads

"I loved this book! It was a great story. Loved the thoughts on life and the love story. It was unique. Maxine was a nice touch. Had its amusing parts and heart wrenching parts. It is self-published I assume as it does have its flaws but nothing that will stop or interfere with the joy of this story. The ending was a very unique twist. I hope there will be a book 2! It could work as a stand alone but I can see this is a story that can go on. Loved it!" —Kathy Artelle


5 Stars - Amazon.ca

”I finished The Dying Butterfly a few days ago. I didn't rush it. I took my time and read it over a 2 week period. I like to savour and reflect on what I read. These days, since I only work part-time, I read for pleasure more often and I've also enjoyed trying new things too. This is the first doomsday theme novel I have read and it's not a genre that I would normally be attracted to. Therefore it's a huge tribute to your writing style that you held my attention to the very last page. You should be proud of your accomplishment. Many people talk about writing a novel but few actually follow through and do it. The fact that you did it while working full time as well as handling the usual home and family responsibilities should make it an even more satisfying accomplishment. The novel was well paced. I thought your description of action scenes was especially good. You did a great job of maintaining suspense throughout. Your climax was well constructed. Not all novels make the reader think. The Dying Butterfly makes it impossible for the reader not to think. I thought that page 262 was a key point in the novel. I agree that the line between "need" and "want" has become blurred. This statement about today's human condition separates your novel from many other action books. You have created a great talking point on page 262. It's all about our values and what really matters to each of us. You have subtly forced the reader to consider where they stand on "need" and "want". Your novel's ending leaves the door open for you if you wish to create future novels about Holly Wood and how she deals with her latest challenges. A person's life experiences shape them. Your novel is better now than it would have been if you had written it 20 years ago. You've had many more life experiences. —Bill Anderson


5 Stars - Amazon.ca

"Very descriptive. Sets a good pace. The ending left opportunity for continuation of the story. Excellent writing for a first time author. I look forward to the next book." ­—Jason


5 Stars - Amazon.ca

"Great writing style, kept me interested the whole way through. The ending makes me eager for the 2nd book. If this is her first book, I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in the future, keep it up, I for 1 will be on the look out for more!!!" —Wendy


About D. L. (Deanna) Fletcher

D .L. (Deanna) Fletcher and her husband live in Ontario, Canada. They have two children and two grandchildren. When not working at her full-time job, Deanna does what excites her most—write. 

Deanna has had an infatuation with pens, paper and notepads since she was a small child. This love affair is still as strong today as it was when she first learned to write cursive. Deanna can't walk into a stationary store or down an aisle of pens and paper and not get sucked in. Well-aware of her infatuation, when out shopping, her husband playfully covers her eyes while leading Deanna past stationery displays.

Like most teenage girls, Deanna wrote poetry. "You know, the sad, my life is horrible stuff. There were a few poems about a teenage crush, but most were quite depressing. I eventually grew bored with poetry, but I still needed to write. Stories were swimming in my head and I needed to get them out. Being a teen, I had little time between school, chores and socializing...so I wrote short stories."

As a young girl, Deanna thoroughly enjoyed the library and card catalogs. "If I'd literally been locked inside of a library for days, I'd have been in heaven. Of course, I never admitted that to my teenage friends. To them, my love of books would have seemed weird. I still love books! I love everything about them. I love the smell of them, the cream thin or thick pages. I love the covers, soft or hard. I love the way a story can make you get lost inside of it, and how the author gives you the canvas but your mind does the painting. All of it fuelled my dream of someday holding a copy of a book I wrote. As my kids grew older, the need got stronger. It was so powerful I had to make it a reality. Even if I didn't sell one copy, I needed to write a novel and figure out how to get it into a physical book."

Initially, Deanna kept her first novel a secret. "I started writing my first novel in private. I wasn't ready to share my passion with anyone. I was just too shy, too self-conscious. Eventually, though, I had no choice but to share my writing with close and trusted people in order to get their feedback. My mother was the first person I shared my writing with. I could trust her to be honest, yet kind."

After incorporating her mother's and a few other trusted friends' suggestions into her novel, Deanna published her first book, A Creation of Tomorrow, in May 2017. Her second book, The Dying Butterfly, was published in November 2018. "I'm still shy and self-conscious about my writing. I'm not sure if I am a great author or if my stories are interesting, but they are mine. I love the characters and the stories like they have been a part of my actual life." 




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Available on Amazon.ca & Amazon.com 

Formats: Kindle & Paperback

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