The Quick! Simple! & Super Doable! Strategy for Building Your Business

Avatar Marketing teaches you how to get other people to build your business. Using a step-by-step approach, including examples, you will learn how to get Testimonial Avatars to host events and seminars in their homes and places of business.


Expanded Market Reach: Some coaches, experts and creators marketing online, assume that everyone that might be interested in their services/wares is also plugged into the Internet. Not true!

A while back, I took a mini-vacation by myself. Without a travelling companion, I enjoyed the company of various others dining alone in local eateries. When I answered their enquiries about what I did for a living, two out of the five were intrigued that I teach marketing and writing.  Though both wanted to be writers, they didn’t know that the Internet is a great resource for information about authorship, publishing and promoting one’s works. That’s 40% of the people I met.

Much like affiliate marketing, TAs help you reach people you might not otherwise ever connect with online or personally.

Strengthened Client Relationships: People love to feel personally connected to anyone with notoriety, including seminar leaders, coaches, experts and creators. Imagine the increased loyalty you’ll glean from spending a few hours with a select group of future seminar attendees and new clients.

Curriculum Development & Feedforward Input: Presenting to smaller audiences affords a great platform for soliciting service and product feedforward input, and for fine-tuning your presentation so that it better addresses your target audience’s needs, challenges and desires.  

Cost-Effective: As your TA is hosting the event, she/he provides the space and light refreshments. Without facility rental and advertising costs, your net profit from sales is substantially increased.

Free Word-Of-Mouth Advertising: Almost everyone who attends a Mini Home Seminar or Customer Appreciation Event will tell at least one other person. Social by nature, women tend to share their experiences with three to five others.

People in Seats: Mini Home Seminars and Customer Appreciation Events are excellent for increasing attendance at large seminars and online courses. This is especially true if you offer discounts or 2-for-1 promotions to those who enroll at the Mini Home Seminar or Customer Appreciation Event. 

Increased Brand Awareness: When people talk about you, your services and products, more potential clients become aware of your brand. Drawing an example from the direct marketing via the home parties business, even if you have never used their products, you’ve likely heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Herbalife and Tupperware.