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Books in the HEARTMIND STORE are written by authors dedicated to helping you live the live the life you deserve to love. From know-how to inspiration, browse through the catalog tabs for books with the insights, ideas and information you need to prosper emotionally, spiritually and financially.





The HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection and the EARTH ANGELS Series are written by everyday people who have shared their true stories in a bid to light the way for others. Analogous to amassing the counsel and support of a team of wise, kind and inspiring visionaries, reading the authors’ stories ignites desired change through transformational insights and experiential knowledge. Chapter after chapter, you'll glean ideas, insights and inspiration to ensure that you live the life you deserve to love.


Reading the 21 authentic and inspiring accounts in each edition of the HEARTMIND WISDOM Collection provides you with a multitude of insights and possible actions to Rock Your World, Your Way.

Divided into 5 Categories—BOUNCING BACK, DIVINE CONNECTION, HOPE, HEALING FROM LOSS, and SELF-ACTUALIZATION—you will easily determine which story speaks to your mind, heart and soul. After reading one, lifted emotionally and wiser, you'll be drawn to another chapter, another author who shared his or her journey for the sole purpose of helping you be your authentic, best, happiest self. 


The 13 Journeys of Triumph (per book) in EARTH ANGELS Series are authentic accounts of how each author overcame a disappointment, loss, addiction, misstep, or hardship… and went on to thrive. By reading the transformational experiences and accompanying insights, you’ll gain Wisdom with Wings.

Upbeat, inspiring and transformational, the EARTH ANGELS Series is perfect for gifting to friends. Reading the true stories will provide you with a myriad of ideas and insights for yourself, and equip you with experiential knowledge when offering caring counsel to others.


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